Conference Ice Breakers

Conference Ice Breakers

Why not start your conference with an event that gets people really talking?

Or pause for a fun break part way through your conference – or even finish it with lots of style!

We use various locations around Yorkshire to offer activities near to your conference venue, or can even bring an event to your hotel.

With highly skilled and experienced outdoor instructors you can be assured the activity you choose will raise some laughs (and some heart rates), maybe even some sponsorship and meet your aims.

Contact us with your requirements and we will suggest some options for your event

Conference Ice Breaker Idea

Treasure Hunt – we can tailor a fun challenge that really gets the competitive edge sharpened. Your group can compete individually or in teams, but the orienteering approach we use requires strategy and planning not just speed and enthusiasm.

Abseil – why not challenge your conference group with an abseil? We can arrange for this to be fund-raising, fun or just wacky – just tell us your aims and we will suggest an approach.

Gorge adventure – if the conference needs to start or end on a high – why not take the group on a fun fuelled gorge adventure. We can arrange this in the early evening to suit arrival times or start early so your day is still productive.

Hike – nothing beats the Yorkshire countryside, a walk with a talk and a refreshing drink at the end. What a great way to start your event with an afternoon or evening activity on arrival, or finish a successful seminar with a wind-up walk and a lovely meal. Although you could even surprise your conference participants with an early morning start – we can guide you on a route that gets the heart rate going and leaves the brain cells buzzing for your day.

Archery – our Instructors can add challenge and competition to the event, and if your accommodation choice allows we can set up on-site to maximise the time you have. There is the opportunity to start with Recurve bows, then try Old English Long Bows, Mongolian Horse Bows, Compound Bows and perhaps even move on to Cross Bows or even Rifles.