Team Building Activities

Team Building Activities

Enhance your team’s performance by engaging in one of our team building activities.

Every team can benefit from some reflection and review of how it currently performs, and with expert guidance from Rock Steady Instructors we can identify what currently works, why it works, and then target other areas for improvement.

Team building events are suitable for all teams including new teams, established teams with new members, combined teams, teams that have survived and teams with disparate bases. We can target the event from getting to know each other, to improving relationships and breaking down cliques, to developing morale and engendering team unity.Our approach depends on your aims, and we can either develop the team based on the information gained during the actual event, or we can utilise confidential pre-event questionnaires to assess current team performance and then develop a bespoke event that targets your group's specific issues and gives a reason to participate.

We use outdoor activities as an unfamiliar environment in which the participants have the opportunity to use their core skills and learn about themselves and each other, so you choose the activity best suited to your group or the location you prefer. 

Our activities range from rock climbing, bouldering, weaselling, abseiling, gorge walking, mountain biking, hiking, orienteering, treasure hunts, caving, archery and bushcraft skills.

We encourage each team member to step out of their comfort zone, engage and contribute to their team success, and the novelty and excitement engendered on our team events is infectiously stimulating, leading to personal and team growth and therefore to company success.

Each outdoor activity can be complemented with strategic or logistical challenges, which give an added reason to participate and ensure involvement.

We encourage friendly review and feedback during the experience, and afterwards we formally assess performance so there is a measurable indication of the main achievements of the event.

Contact us with your requirements and we will be delighted to develop a bespoke solution for you.

Team Building Ideas

Rock and Gorge

Orienteering and Abseil

Climb and Cave

Hike and Pub

Treasure Hunt

Coast to coast events

Archery, Cross Bow and Rifle Challenge