Warning to Outdoor Industry Retailers from OCC

Rock Steady Adventure have been asked to publicise this article from OCC Outdoor

Alert to all distributors and retailers

The outdoor industry has become the focus of a concerted effort by a team of conmen working under the guise of being legitimate retailers. The team, which has already netted many thousands of pounds worth of outdoor clothing and accessories, has made numerous attempts to steal gear from the trade in the lead up to Christmas, as a result of which OCC Outdoor is asking all subscribers to its news update service to pass the message down the line warning the industry to be on its guard.

The con usually involves a supplier receiving a call from someone purporting to represent an existing account holder. An order is placed for the goods and the supplier advised that the buyer will collect. Often the thieves will suggest they have a van close by and ask if they can come to collect that day. Suppliers asking for e mail order confirmations should pay close attention to the sender’s e mail address which often differs by a single letter from that of a legitimate account customer.  Those suspecting something is amiss should call the account holder to authenticate the order.


For more information please visit the OCC Outdoor website.

Corporate Reward Day Caving and Climbing

Ingleborough, Yorkshire Dales

Ingleborough, Yorkshire Dales

This Saturday we’ve got a group from Keighley in West Yorkshire on a caving trip as an end of year staff reward day.  They’ll be exploring caverns and potholes in the Yorkshire Dales with our expert instructors and hopefully having a good laugh in the process.

After a morning on the Ingleton Climbing wall due to rather inclement weather the corporate group descended into Long Churns for an afternoon’s caving – emerging a few hours later cold, tired but “all smiles” the day was deemed to be a success all round.  For details of our potential outdoor adventures click the link and contact us to discuss your team building or staff reward day requirements.

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Wedding Music and Corporate Events

Once you’ve got the stag party and hen do activities sorted (through Rock Steady of course!) then  you can organise the finishing touches for the wedding day.  We highly recommend the Mirage String Quartet – for that added touch of class for your event.



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We’re pleased to wok with the team at ActivYork who maintain a great business directory of businesses in the York area.

Simply the Best ManThose helpful chaps at Simply the Best Man have a load of resources to help guide any first time best men on the etiquette that goes with this important and often nerve racking role. Have a look at their website and when you’ve got your head around the formalities then browse our site – select a suitable outdoor adventure, work out how many people will attend the do then let us know your preferred dates.