Ghar Parau Foundation – supporting British Cave Expeditions

At the recent Bradford Pothole Club winch meet by Gaping Ghyll we met a guy selling amazing cards raising funds to support British cave expeditions undertaking exploration and cave science.

The pack of ten high quality cards are blank inside so can be used for any purpose – and the pictures are certainly unique.

Amazing CavesYou can buy the cards from Bernies or Inglesport in Ingleton; Hitch n Hike in Hope Valley, Derbshire or from the Ghar Parau Shop – follow the link for more information.

If cavers would like any advice or have questions about organising or participating in caving expeditions etc abroad they can contact the Ghar Parau Foundation who will put themĀ in contact with the relevantĀ people.

If you fancy organising a group caving experience day with Rock Steady Adventure then click this link for more information Yorkshire Caving.

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