Outdoor Adventure Blog – now approved only comments

Thanks to a flood of really spammy blog comments we’ve restricted the posting of comments on this Outdoor Adventure blog until they’ve been approved.

We’d really appreciate comments and debates about outdoor activities – especially in Yorkshire – so please don’t hesitate if you’ve got a genuine comment to make. Just post your activity related comments, we’ll review them and so long as it’s not total spam then it’ll be approved and published really quickly.

We’d really like people looking to organise stag parties, hen dos or team building activities to find this site and organise their events through us so please do tell your friends about the website, or like our Outdoor Activities facebook page so your friends can find the outdoor adventure website too.

2 thoughts on “Outdoor Adventure Blog – now approved only comments

  1. Having just returned from an excellent week’s skiiing in the French Alps we’ve had to delete 688 attempted blog postings that were total spam! Apologies to anyone who posted a genuine post about Outdoor Adventure in Yorkshire – we did quickly look at each posting but with so much junk it is possible that a real adventure blog post was deleted in error.

    When will the spam merchants learn that they can post as many comments on our site as possible but NONE of them will be made live! If you’re a wannabe spam blogger then you might as well save yourself some time and effort by suffling off somewhere else!

  2. Thanks to a great plugin from WordPress all those spammy posts on our outdoor adventure blog are automatically deleted without any need for us to moderate the posts – genuine posts about our activties for groups across Yorkshire will still be posted so please do leave genuine comments here or contact us about any group activties or team building events you want to organise.

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