Thrillax Yorkshire

Our new favourite word is “thrillax” so be warned, it’s one that we expect to be somewhat overused in the short term on this blog!

Maybe we’re a little late getting on board with the word but the concept is Rock Steady Adventure through and through – participating in thrilling activities is an EXCELLENT way to relax.  So we couldn’t be more chuffed that there’s now a proper word in common use about what we do every day for all sorts of customers.

To us thrillaxing is what more people should be doing with their free time – getting together with groups of friends, making your heart race with a mixture of exertion and fear then laughing together when the fear subsides and you reach the target.

The great thing about doing outdoor activities with groups of friends or work colleagues is that you not only get the huge personal sense of achievement but you also have the shared experience and the memory of helping (and being helped) to push yourself to achieve more than you thought you could.