Rock Steady Adventure

We can help you ‘fully fund’ your School’s adventure activities!

Rock Steady Adventure

Rock Steady Adventure is aimed at schools and teachers wishing to provide students with a safe and fun learning experience outside the classroom. Our mission is to open the doors of the traditional learning environment and allow students to explore and learn from nature and their experience, thus developing new transferable skills that can be taken back into the classroom and beyond; helping expand their personal and potential future career development.

Rock Steady Adventure outcomes…

With the right planning, an effective trip or activity can achieve a wide-range of positive outcomes, from higher levels of health and well-being, increased attainment and productivity, decreased stress, and improved interpersonal and social skills.

With our range of services and flexible approach, working with you to tailor to your school or organisation’s needs, we can help ensure that your trip or expedition is a success.

Rock Steady Adventure - School activities, expeditions and trips;“Learning outside the classroom contributed significantly to raising standards and improving personal, social and emotional development” Ofsted.


Rock Steady Adventure - School activities, expeditions and trips;Rock Steady Adventure - School activities, expeditions and trips;For further information, or to enquire about any of our services please use our contact form or call 01423 740233