Geography Field Trips

At Rock Steady Adventure we don’t subscribe to the ‘one size fits all' approach. We aim to provide a fun, safe and educational experience that suits the school, staff and students needs. Although our activities adhere to strict safety guidelines, we are always willing to work together with the school to create a unique and fun experience be that can be adapted to link directly to curriculum subjects as well as prospective learning outcomes, and can adjust activities based on age, ability or specific needs.

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Geography Field Trips

Simply, our field trips aim to fire-up the imagination and allow children to activity engage with nature; ultimately inspiring them, and leading to a greater understanding of the subject.

We can offer trips in select areas of outstanding natural beauty in the UK, and provide opportunities to explore real geographical contexts in a fun and exciting way, whilst identifying concepts that may not be easily reached through theoretical learning in the classroom.

Our instructors are highly trained and can either lead or provide support for an expedition depending on your requirements, and arrange routes and activities that can be linked directly to what has been studied in the classroom.

We'd love to hear your requirements and work with you to provide a fantastic and educational experience for your students.

Learning Outcomes

  • Supports environmental and experiential education
  • Develop creative thinking
  • Concentration/visualisation
  • Link to Curriculum subjects - geography, science etc.
  • Understand and develop appreciation for natural environments
  • Encourage conservation
  • Philosophy, theory, and practices of experiential education/environmental education

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